ระบบเครือข่ายสังคม Social Networking


Social Networking for the Enterprise

- Help people deliver faster on common goals
- Improve information quality and sharing
- Engage your co-workers and identify experts

Enterprise Social Networking for better teamwork

(Enterprise social network)

Social networking revolutionised the way we interact within our private circles. It now extends to our professional lives, making collaboration and knowledge sharing more efficient.

An Enterprise Social software enables collaborators to achieve common goals faster by improving information quality and sharing. In a global environment, a social network brings people together, removes the barriers of location and lowers information distribution complexity. Enterprise Social Networks disrupt the traditional, siloed intranet software model with a more collaborative software.



Social network

Members can easily engage, collaborate, capture and create knowledge that can be shared with peers. A social network structures enterprise information and processes.

Open source social networking platforms are a great tool for building a community around common interests. It helps people engage with others and make progress in their activity fields by connecting them to identified experts. With better engagement, social network users can find better solutions and deliver faster while reducing operational costs and thus gaining a competitive advantage.

Social Networking Features
(Enterprise social software)

Identify experts and find co-workers with related or relevant knowledge and experience, and connect to others in your organization through the people directory. Add your professional background and skills to your profile.


Create your own collaboration spaces with dashboards, discussion forums, calendars and documents. Allow any user to create a space and invite other users to join and contribute.

Activity Streams

(Enterprise social collaboration)
Keep up to date with the information and activities in your spaces, and follow the activities of the people with whom you are connected. Activities are interactive and enable you to take actions directly.


(Social collaboration software)
Capture meeting minutes, documentation, action plans or reports. Build a knowledge base and share company expertise internally with wikis, forums, calendars and collaborative FAQ applications.



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