ระบบ intranet, social intranet

ระบบ intranet รูปแบบเครือข่ายสังคม
ระบบ Social Intranet

Social company Intranet for total Collaboration

- Better employee engagement
- Improved information sharing
- Employee empowerment and value creation


ระบบ intranet
Transform Your Business with a Collaborative Social Intranet

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The FCL Solutions Platform social intranet software provides a central web portal for your people to closely and effectively work together. It is a user friendly environment specially designed for improved communication, collaboration and productivity. Your company intranet will be a place that your employees will love to go to everyday to interact, learn, share and to get up to date about what is happening in their company. With multiple collaboration tools (documents management, forums, calendars, task, etc.) smartly integrated to an enterprise social network, it has the power to dramatically gear up their motivation, unleash collective intelligence that will lead your business to superior performance.

FCL Solutions Platform is a comprehensive and highly extensible open source intranet software that can be easily adapted to match your company’s needs.

ระบบ intranet 

Social Intranet benefits


Improving collaboration

(Social intranet collaboration)

FCL Solutions Platform comes as a ready to use social intranet built to enhance employee collaboration. Anyone can create a collaborative workspace by picking the right people according to their skills and experience from the enterprise social directory or asking experts in dedicated spaces or forums through real time collaboration tools accessible from desktop, smartphone or tablet.


ระบบ intranet

Boosting productivity
(Company intranet software)

Spaces are perfect for teams, projects or communities of interest. They provide isolated areas in the company intranet where members can securely discuss, exchange documents, manage projects, assign tasks, deal with centralized planning, have video calls, chat and many more essential interactions that help them to achieve their common goals.

The social collaboration intranet solution also reduces time wasted checking email and unnecessary one-to-one meetings. It allows getting real time updates with notifications and interactions within rich activity streams that summarize what is happening around your employees, letting them take immediate action when required.


ระบบ intranet

Driving employee engagement
(Intranet dashboard)

The social intranet solution gives you spaces to share and communicate to all employees the mission, visions and values of the company ensuring and accelerating their adoption. With frequent communication and updates in your enterprise social network about results, achievements, goals and strategy, employees using social intranet software become more aware about their role and responsibilities, increasing involvement and motivation to reach company goals. It allows you at the same time to be aware of their changing needs.


ระบบ intranet

Leveraging company knowledge
(Enterprise intranet Portal)

With the fully featured knowledge management solution included on FCL Solutions Platform social intranet software, your employees can easily share their knowledges, expertise and best practices. Information like answers, meeting notes, and discussions can be completed and enriched by contributors before being automatically saved and indexed. All information and content become available and quickly reachable in a single point through your next generation intranet using advanced unified search functions.


ระบบ intranet

Building motivating digital workplace
(Intranet dashboard)

The FCL Solutions Platform solution generate great place for employees to create a personalized network of connections with colleagues based on complementary skills, facilitating daily work and skills improvement, or simply chosen for a common center of interest. Companies implementing enterprise 2.0 can use their intranet 2.0 to share success stories, recognize internal achievement and reward initiatives, successful ideas and bottom-up innovation with direct impact on your business and results. Employees can use it also to promote or to improve their skills and efforts with a satisfaction increase and performance improve direct effects.


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