Project Management software for Collaborative Teamwork

- Improved project focus
- Better project and team agility
- Enhanced teamwork and collaboration

Online project management


(web based project management)
FCL Solutions Platform is an online project management software for a better teamwork.
Create efficient teams with the right diversity of skills to meet project requirements. A connections directory makes it easy to move the right people into the right team. Add people to or remove them from teams at the appropriate times, as required.

Collaborative project management tools

Powerful collaboration features enhance project efficiency and agility. Create spaces that contain all the required project management tools: polls for decision making, wikis for meeting notes or project plans, calendars to manage timelines, and tasks to keep track of individual project work items. Store key inputs and outcomes in the project documents application.

Distributed networking capabilities that enhance team members’ ability to work together at anytime, from anywhere. Chat and video conferencing tools come with meeting note capturing and task assignment capabilities.

Project Management Features


(Online project management software)
Identify experts and find co-workers with related or relevant knowledge and experience, and connect to others in your organization through the people directory. Add your professional background and skills to your profile.


(Collaborative project management software)
Create your own collaboration spaces with dashboards, discussion forums, calendars and documents. Allow any user to create a space and invite other users to join and contribute.


(Project management tools)
Capture meeting minutes, documentation, action plans or reports. Build a knowledge base and share company expertise internally with wikis, forums, calendars and collaborative FAQ applications.

Live Chat and Video Calls

(Collaboration suite with video calls and chat capabilities)
Create 1-on-1 interactions with your team. Discuss your projects and take actions.



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